West Coast Tour/ Trout & Eggs for breakfast...


We are headed home to Texas after a fun week long tour of Southern California and the Southwest. We made a bunch of awesome new friends and played with some rad new bands you should check out:

Alister M

River City


John Meeks 

 We ate breakfast this morning after another awesome show in Flagstaff at Mia's. 

Tomorrow we will play the Kessler Theatre in Dallas then one day at home in the studio and back on the road again to Nashville on Tuesday...

West Coast Tour Dates


We are on our way to Las Cruces, NM to play a nautical themed party tonight. We have a handful of shows coming up in Southern California this week, & a show in Flagstaff, AZ next Thursday on our way back east.

We will be updating our blog Vantastic with studio and van updates and be generally really futuristic soon, so keep tuned.

Please email for any info:

& join our Facebook here:

Check out the dates, & hope to see you soon.

Rich & Landry

Texas Life


We are home soaking up the springtime.

Writing and getting ready to make a new record really soon. 

Here's an analog blog of our Winter West Coast Tour 

Courtesy of an anonymous friend:

analog blog

Landry & I will be hosting the Pickers Circle in Luckenbach every Thursday in April from 5-9pm.

Please come out and bring your guitars, songs, and tents so we can swap songs and roast marshmallows.

412 Luckenbach Town Loop  

Fredericksburg, Texas 78624  

(830) 997-3224

SXSW Official & Renegade Showcases...............


We are officially on the Short List for the SXSW Ferstival....

So like so many other awesome Austin bands we are on call to play The Festival whenever a band from Nova Scotia, Finland, Bulgaria, or wherever cancels.

We will send out a torrent of text messages, emails, and telegraphs when we get our official date set.

Here are a few of our Non-official Showcases:

(We will not call them SXSW, since the people at the festival get very mad when you do that!)



Hey we got a write up in the Flagstaff Weekly for our show tonight. 

Flagstaff Hot Picks

It compares us to a hooker at a church bake sale... it's pretty rad check it out:



LIVING IN A POSTCARD...    (Our new blog)

We have decided to join the 20th Century and begin keeping a blog.

We will try to write interesting things that y'all want to read. A random assortment of Dutch oven recipes, hidden campsites, Landry's new art projects, and all the rad people we meet on the road.


The Austin Sound Reviews our New Video


We woke up this morning and finally after 100,000 miles on the road we are famous! REALLY FAMOUS!!! Thanks world wide web... Check out this awesome review of our new Music video from Austin's premiere Indie Rock news outlet/ purveyors of all that's cool: THE AUSTIN SOUND

"The Lonesome Heroes are a wandering lot, so maybe we shouldn't be too surprised that it took them about three years to make a video for "Don't Play to Lose". We give them a pass on the old tune, though, because the video is pretty great. How can you not love two adorable kids escaping from some hardcore bikers and bouncers?! It's like Goonies II: Goonies in the City! Or something. Kudos to Daniel Stolzman of Frameless Films for directing the video, and to Rich Russell and Landry McMeans for wherever they dug up their younger counterparts. As for the Heroes themselves, they'll be back in town after last month's trek up into the north east for a gig at the Continental Club on Saturday, January 16 with Lil' Travis and Grand Champeen. Check out the video below:"

February 2010 West Coast Tour


We are working on a new record this month due out in March for SXSW. Then, we'll be on the road again in February working our way west to California, and home via Wyoming. Here are a few of our upcoming tour dates for February and March 2010. If you have any suggestions of where to play along the way, we'd love your input. See you on the back roads of America soon, and keep on keepin' on.

Feb 13 2010 10:00P The Hole in the Wall with Ethan Azarian & Churchwood Austin, Texas

Feb 15 2010 8:00P The Starlight Theatre (dinner show) Terlingua, Texas

Feb 23 2010 10:00P The Pike Long Beach, California

Feb 25 2010 11:00P The Crepe Place with Leopold & His Fiction & Hod Santa Cruz, California

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