Tonight's the big CD Release Party for Leo Rondeau @ The Continental Club.

Landry designed the cover and just about every awesome player in town contributed something to make this the record that will let people around the world know just how awesome Austin Country Music can be.

Please check Leo out:


10pm Lonesome Heroes

11pm Leo Rondeau

12am Shotgun Party

$7 @ The Continental Club

1315 S Congress Ave

Austin, TX 78704

(512) 441-0202





"The outer limits of country continues to contort in any number of directions, courtesy the rolling raucousness of the Golden Boys, cosmic touch of the Lonesome Heroes, and haunting folk of Dana Falconberry, while rock got a fierce shot in the arm from UME, Harlem, and the Midgetmen.

Rich Russell and Landry McMeans meld their harmonies and guitar and dobro into delectable tunes that captures the Lonesome Heroes' restless and wandering spirit. With a backing band that includes an impressive cast of Austin players, the duo delivers gentle ballads cut with a psychedelic country swirl, McMeans' gorgeous vocals traded with Russell's down-to-earth sound. Following 2006 EP Don't Play to Lose, the group released their appropriately-titled sophomore effort, Crooked Highway, this past year, and are planning a live album for some time in '09."

Austin Sound Sound Off


"Few young artists have done as much to promote the local music scene as the Lonesome Heroes. There are touches of cosmic country and Sweetheart of the Rodeo in their psychedelic tinged, restless country tunes, but the real draw of the Heroes is excellent melding of Russell and McMeans in spirit and sound. McMeans dulcet twang and expansive dobro, and Russell’s more grounded drawl and guitar combine for a mesmerizing and beautiful exchange, while their songs evoke the open west Texas expanse of road and possibilities. With their latest album, Crooked Highway, they have assembled a stellar band of local luminaries."

Monthly Austin Music Showcase & Campout @ Luckenbach, TX



Saturday Afternoons at Luckenbach

412 Luckenbach Town Loop Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Come enjoy a Saturday afternoon splash of wild country music from Austin in Luckenbach, TX one Saturday a month. After three years hosting Austin's Alt Country Showcase at the Hole in the Wall, The Lonesome Heroes will bring a collection of their favorite bands to play at the birthplace of Outlaw Country Music. An eclectic lineup of bands that push the boundaries of country music can be expected ranging from Psychedelic Country, Texas Swing, to Bluegrass and beyond.

We're going to Luckenbach TX


Howdy everybody,

Landry & I will be hosting the pickers circle this Saturday Jan 17th from 1-5 pm in Luckenbach. Please bring your guitars, fiddles, dobros... or whatever and sing some songs. $1 Lonestars for all the pickers....

Directions are here: (about 1hr 20 min from austin before Fredricksburg.)

This is sort of a preview of our upcoming Monthly Austin Music Showcase in Luckenbach. Once a month we are going to bring our band & two of our favorite bands from Austin to play some wild crazy country music at the birthplace of Outlaw Country music. The shows will be outside under the Oaktrees (unless its really cold, then we will be inside the dancehall)

Super cheap camping & cabins next door at the Armadillo Farm Campground

830 997 5371

and we are going to have way too much fun...

Please check out these bands, they really are so awesome.

Here's the Schedule:

Secret Show Wednesday January 7th in an Ancient Storm Drain


Howdy everybody,

We are super excited to play some acoustic songs in an ancient storm drain tomorrow with Alexa Woodward & Nic Walker. Everyone meet at The Dog & the Duck Wednesday Jan 7th @ 8pm then we will walk to a secret spot underground. Info @

The Dog & the Duck info is:

406 W 17th St Austin, TX 78701

(512) 479-0598

Email me if you get totally lost.

Thanks, Rich

Live Record & Rich's Birthday Party Thursday December 18th @ The Hole in the Wall


Howdy everybody,

It's my birthday this Thursday and to celebrate we are going to make a live record at the Hole in the Wall. My Mom is baking a giant funfetti cake and Clay Nightngale will be playing after us. We have the best band we have ever lined up with a 3 piece horn section and Landry's new delay setting. Please come hoot & holler so everyone can know how fun the World Famous Hole in the Wall is. Here's the details:

Thursday December 18th

10pm Lonesome Live Record @ The Hole in the Wall

2538 Guadalupe St

Austin, TX

Free show, free cake & Clay Nightingale @ Midnight

Email with any questions

Thanks, Rich

Austin Chronicle Review of Crooked Highway



Crooked Highway

Texas Platters

"Whereas 2006 EP Don't Play to Lose wandered with a gentle ease, the group's debut full-length moves in more focused, if experimentally flourished, directions. "Lonestar" opens with a lilting warp and rough guitar distortion, Russell's playful drawl shading Lyle Lovett. McMeans' soft trill on "Canary" and "Stardust" lifts the album into airier climes that balance Russell's earthier tones, like Alison Krauss with a Texas twang, the best songs marrying the two vocal impulses in duet."



Acoustic Concert & Camp out in Longhorn Caverns

SAT NOV 1st.

*****THE DATE HAS MOVED FROM October 25th to November 1st****

We are super excited to be invited back, the cavern used to be an outlaw hideout for Sam Bass & a dancehall during prohibition. We thought they would only allow one psychedelic country show in the cave, but last year we almost sold 'em out so they couldn't say no.

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