The Austin Sound Reviews our New Video

We woke up this morning and finally after 100,000 miles on the road we are famous! REALLY FAMOUS!!! Thanks world wide web... Check out this awesome review of our new Music video from Austin's premiere Indie Rock news outlet/ purveyors of all that's cool: THE AUSTIN SOUND

"The Lonesome Heroes are a wandering lot, so maybe we shouldn't be too surprised that it took them about three years to make a video for "Don't Play to Lose". We give them a pass on the old tune, though, because the video is pretty great. How can you not love two adorable kids escaping from some hardcore bikers and bouncers?! It's like Goonies II: Goonies in the City! Or something. Kudos to Daniel Stolzman of Frameless Films for directing the video, and to Rich Russell and Landry McMeans for wherever they dug up their younger counterparts. As for the Heroes themselves, they'll be back in town after last month's trek up into the north east for a gig at the Continental Club on Saturday, January 16 with Lil' Travis and Grand Champeen. Check out the video below:"

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