Wild Bill's Easter Oddity. April 17th at The Sagebrush 

I am thrilled to be staring as Randy Dandy in another Wild Bill Musical Theatre Production. 

2 SHOWS!!!! 
SUNDAY, APRIL 17th 2PM and 7PM 


The brand new live musical production from Wild Bill (Honky Tonk Holidaze) makes its debut at Sagebrush with 2 shows on Easter Sunday. Come watch the ever-wholesome Dandy family as they frantically attempt to make it to church on time on Easter Sunday. The eggs fall out of the basket as the family reveals a son's dream of becoming a baseball star; a curious daughter questioning religion; a mother with substance abuse issues; and a father who has a disturbingly close relationship with a person known as "the big man". The family has a strange encounter with a straight talking opossum which brings everything into perfect focus. Could a (possibly) fictitious marsupial from Ada, Oklahoma save the day for the Dandy's? Or will he only make things worse? Or both? Come find out Easter Sunday, April 17th at The Sagebrush.

August Mountain States Tour! 

We're back on the road for our first full band tour in 17 months!!!!

Please come check us out in Colorado & Wyoming

Art by Emily Underwood







Tracks on Western AF Monthly Playlist 


Very honored to be on this months Spotify playlist by Western As Fuck. 

If you don't know them or these artists you better check them out!


1. Right on Time - Leo Rondeau ( @leo_rondeau ) 
2. Deep Breathe - Riley Downing ( @rileydown ) 
3. Call Yourself My Man - Hannah Juanita ( @hannahjuanita_thehardliner ) 
4. Western Style Saloons - The Lonesome Heroes ( @lonesomeheroes ) 
5. Down to the River - The War and Treaty ( @thewarandtreaty ) 
6. Black & Blue - Zephaniah OHora ( @zephaniahohora ) 
7. Lookin’ Over My Shoulder - John R. Miller ( @jrmillerwv ) 
8. Don’t You Know I’m From Here - Brennen Leigh ( @brennenleigh ) 
9. Love Along the Way - Joe Troop, Tim O’Brien ( ) 
10. Living on the Moon - Adam Faucett ( @blindfaucett ) 
11. Tender Organs - Amythyst Kiah ( @amythystkiah ) 
12. Never Said a Word - Judy Blank, Dylan Earl ( @judyblankmusic ) 
13. Makin’ Memories - Melissa Carper ( @melissacarpermusic ) 
14. Teardrops on the Floor - Shawn Hess ( @shawn_hess_ ) 
15. Sweet Misery - Tré Burt ( @treburt ) 
16. Bosler - Jalan Crossland ( @jalancrossland ) 
17. Long Game - Emily Nenni ( @emily.nenni ) 
18. Sins of the Father - Waylon Payne ( @waylonpayne ) 
19. You’re Lucky She’s Lonely - Summer Dean, Colter Wall ( @summerdean @colterwall ) 
20. I Went to the Levee - Sabine McCalla ( @sabine.annamaryse ) 
21. Thirteen - Bedouine, Hurray For The Riff Raff, Waxahatchee ( @hurrayfortheriffraff @waxa_katie ) 
22. This Isn’t It - Zach Bryson ( @officiallyzachbryson ) 
23. For You - Devin Champlin ( @sonsofrainier ) 
24. A Certain Kind of Fool - Willi Carlisle ( @willicarlisle ) 
25. Get It ‘Fore It’s Gone - Pokey LaFarge ( @pokeylafarge )

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